TikTok Video of Pet Dog Hurling Away Snake in The Field Goes Viral, But Twitter Has Mixed Reactions About This 'Good Boy'
Dog hurls away snake (Photo Credits: Video Grab)

A dog is a man's best friend and we have seen several examples of this saying before. There are numerous instances when dogs have shown loyalty to their owners and saved lives too. A TikTok video of a pet dog who hurled away a snake, like it was a stick has been shared online and it is now going viral. It is unclear where the incident took place but a Doberman comes running towards his owner and on spotting the snake, he picks it up, shakes it vigorously and hurls away into the bushes. The video is going viral but while most people are impressed by the 'Good Boy' for helping his owner, others feel it was completely unnecessary since the snake did not seem like a threat. The video is now getting mixed reactions. Dogs Moxie and Miley Fight Snake to Save Baby in Kidapawan City in Philippines, Watch Heart-Touching Video.

The TikTok video by user @kbeachnau has also been shared on Twitter where it has garnered over 1.5 lakh views. Twitter user Dayana Sarkisova has shared it on her feed calling the dog a hero. In this video, a man is seemingly playing with his pet Doberman. He spots a snake in the field and is calling his dog to come around as he cannot move further because of the snake. While the pet came running towards his owner, he suddenly picked up the snake and tossed it away like it was a simple stick! Pet Dog Saves Owner From Cobra Bite But Dies of Snake Poison in Tamil Nadu.

Watch the Viral TikTok Video of Dog Hurling Away Snake in Field:

The video has got over 15,000 retweets and 10,000 likes. However, there are few mixed reactions as some wonder the dog's action was uncalled for. Some have even questioned if it was a snake after all! Check some of the reactions.

Was That a Snake?

The Snake was Harmless

How is That a Good Thing?

The Dog is an Olympic Thrower!

What a Good Boy!

Want This Hero as a Companion

So Courageous!

While most of the people are impressed with the dog's actions, some feel the man could've just walked around the snake and moved ahead. There have been numerous instances where dogs have saved people from snakes. A golden retriever from Arizona had gone viral after he was bitten by a rattlesnake while saving his owners from it. The pet's mouth was swollen because of the bite and as his pictures came up on social media, everyone was praising his daring attempt.