As the city temperatures are dropping a bit under 20 degrees, citizens are excited to welcome the winter season with memes and jokes. Read the entire story here.Check Tweet:

You must have recently heard of penis fish going viral. Now a video showing how to eat penis fish is going viral. Take a look:

It's a Saturday and that means its time to unleash the cat pics and videos for Caturday. People are sharing funny and cute cat videos and pictures for Caturday.Check some tweets below:

A picture of weird food combination of oranges mixed in Maggi noodles has been shared online. Netizens are unimpressed and feeling pukish after seeing it. Check the tweets here:

Need an Eye Wash!
Please Get the Unsee Lotion
Calling the FBI

A  very adorable picture of Army dog Menaka giving a salute to officer Lt Gen KJS Dhillon has gone viral on social media. In the picture, the officer too is seen returning back the salute to this dog from the squad. Read more about it hereCheck The Pic Here:

How much spinach does one put in a sandwich? A picture of a Turkey sandwich with a layer full of spinach has been shared on Twitter and the internet is divided, if its good or bad!Check the viral pic here:

Here are the reactions:

Internet personality Tana Mongeau was crowned as the Creator of The Year at Streamys Awards 2019. Fans of the YouTuber have expressed their joy and happiness at her big win. Check her tweet here:

Check how the fans reacted:

December 14 marks the celebration of National Energy Conservation Day. On this day, people including several politicians have shared their messages on social media with the need to conserve energy.Check some tweets here:

Its the weekend and are you'll feeling lazy today? Well, then there is some good vibe motivation being shared on Twitter. Saturday Thoughts and Saturday Motivation have started trending on social media platforms.Check some tweets here:

Happy Saturday! The week has come to an end and the weekend has begun. On the internet, people are spreading positivity and are sharing beautiful thoughts and inspiring messages. On Twitter, Facebook,  and other social media platforms hashtags such as, #SaturdayThoughts, #SaturdayFeels, #SaturdayFeeling and #SaturdayMotivation are among the top trends of the day. We, here at Latestly will update this viral live blog throughout the day so that you remain updated with funny memes, viral videos and everything that hits the trending page throughout the day.

Apart from the regular trends, people online are rooting for their favourite Miss World contestant. Miss World pageant is going to take place in London today and people cannot stop posting about it. In India, people have flooded social media with best wishes for #MissWorldIndia Suman Rao. Amongst celeb birthdays, which is another big thing on social media, it is Taylor Swift's birthday. It is Raj Kapoor's birthday too and birthday wishes are flowing.

With the weekend officially starting, people are also sharing everything they plan to do with their days off. Right from posts, pictures, videos and GIFs, netizens are super excited. Saturday and Sunday are all about fun with no work at all, except the ones who do work on the weekend. Well, if you want to keep yourself updated with everything trending on social media, stay with us on this live blog. We will keep you updated with anything that goes viral and takes over the trending page. Be it a super cute video or funny memes, we will keep updating you from time to time about the happenings in the world. Stay tuned with