A twitter thread asked people to list down some things that give them hope. The responses on this tweet are really nice and it is going viral.Check the viral tweet here:

Check some responses here:

A tweet about an UberEats delivery guy came up to a person's house when he heard they have a dog is going viral. When the customer mentioned there's a dog at home, he came up to play and deliver the food instead of leaving it at the front desk. Check the tweet here:

A new trend has come up on Twitter where people are listing out their favourite movies, actors, WWE star and cricketer. A lot of people have joined in to share their favourites.Check some tweets below:

A photographer named Nathaniel Wilder depicted how is the life of someone who trains Alaskan dogs for sledging. A series of his pictures have been shared in a Twitter thread which is now going viral. Check the Twitter thread here:

The English singer and songwriter, Zayn Malik turns 27-year-old today. Fans take to Twitter to wish him 'Happy Birthday' with amazing messages.Zayn Malik Turns 27!

The New South Wales Minister for Energy and Environment came up with the "Operation Rock Wallaby," an effort in response to the Australian wildfires that stranded thousands of hungry wildlife. The videos show officials dropping vegetables from above to feed the state's colonies of brush-trailed rock wallabies.Watch Video:

Pooches can go to any extent to get attention. An impatient dog was captured, honking the horn inside the car, because his owner was taking too long to shop. The pooch honks it continuously, till the time the owner comes running to the doggo, open the car.Watch the Viral Video:

Just a day after a tornado warning issued some areas in southeast of Texas, people in parts of the Lone Star State were shocked to wake up to a blanket of snow. Netizens are sharing clips and pics on Twitter.Check Tweets:

The sand artist, Sudarshan Pattnaik, has created a beautiful, yet powerful art on the sands of Puri beach to tribute, Swami Vivekananda on his birth anniversary. It reads, "Youth Call for Peace," as he remembers the great Indian philosopher.Check Tweet:

People have taken to Twitter to mark Swami Vivekananda's 157th birth anniversary, celebrated as National Youth Day, today. They are sharing quotes and important messages shared by Vivekananda. Read the full story here.Check Tweets:

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It's a Sunday and we know most of you'll just want to laze around and relax in the bed today. Aren't that's what Sundays are for? But we'll not everyone can afford the luxury and have to get through the day. For these people, there are some motivational quotes and images trending on Twitter. So the day begins with #SundayThoughts and #SundayMotivation among the top trends. We will update this section throughout the day so that you remain updated with funny memes, viral videos and everything that hits the trending page today.

January 12 marks quite a few important events in India. It happens to be the National Youth Day today, which commemorates the birth anniversary of renowned thinker Swami Vivekananda. Thus Swami Vivekananda Jayanti is marked by his followers and youth widely in the country. Messages and greetings for this day will soon trend on social media and we will keep you updated with them. Other than that, there are several festive celebrations marking the harvest season in the country. We will try and keep you updated if the related trends come up throughout the day.

People these days take to social media to share everything, be it their own funny video or a meme they can't stop laughing over. Also with a couple of hashtags, it is easier to know what is trending where. At the end of the day, we might have Monday blues posts creeping in for some. In this section, we will try and cover funny posts, pictures, viral videos and GIFs that are amusing everyone. So stay tuned with us and have a Happy Sunday!