A very funny video has been shared online, which shows a little boy studying. He intends to pick up stuff from his notebook and directly put it onto his head. It is just too funny. Check the video here:

A funny tweet about person guessing their own email password is going viral. It sums up how we feel when we guess our own password right. Check it here:

A video of a lady getting annoyed for kids driving a toy car in a park is going viral. The lady wants the kids to have a driving license. Watch the video here:

A Chinese boy gained so much weight during his days at home due to lockdown that he found it difficult to fit into his school uniform. The funny incident is captured on a video.Check the Cute Video Here:

Video of a panda rolling on the grass and play with its mother has gone viral on social media platforms. The cub named Pit at Berlin zoo won't even let his mother Paule sleep and wanted to play with her. Watch the video here.

Video of a leopard trying its best to shake a monkey off the branch off a tree has gone viral. It was shared on Twitter by Indian Forest Officer Susanta Nanda.Watch The Video Below:

A Minnesota National Guard member, Lt. Col. Sam Andrews who moved police and the military away from a protest in the state capitol has touched the hearts of protesters. The video of Andrews speaking with everyone present at the George Floyd protest has gone viral.Watch Video:

As we celebrate World Environment Day 2020 today, June 5, nature lovers are taking to social media to spread awareness. Sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik too shared his wishes by creating a beautiful sand art at Puri beach in Odisha.View Pic:

It is World Environment Day 2020 today, June 5. A day dedicated to Mother Nature, it is observed across the world, preaching how can we follow a sustainable lifestyle. On the occasion, Twitterati is trending World Environment Day 2020 messages and wishes.Check Tweets:

Students across the nation are trending #PromoteAllCollegeStudents, urging the government to promote them all, without exams during the pandemic. To express their plea, netizens use funny memes and jokes that are now going viral on social media.Check Tweets:

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June 5 marks various festivals and events around the globe. It marks World Environment Day which highlights the importance to save the environment from various issues. June 2020 Lunar Eclipse is also expected on this day. You can read more about the event here. National Doughnut Day is also observed in the United States on this day. It was created by The Salvation Army in Chicago in 1938 to honour members who served doughnuts to soldiers during World War I. Vat Purnima 2020 is also celebrated on this day by Hindu women; they fast, pray and conduct various rituals for the well-being and long life of their husbands. The day also marks Sant Guru Kabir Jayanti. June 5 is also the birthday of many celebrities including Rambha, Amit Sadh and Mark Wahlberg.

During the times of COVID-19, it is important to stay at home. Also, ensure you do not forward or send any pieces of unverified news through social media platforms. As rumours and fake news will also increase the worries of people. Hence, stay at home and break the chain. We wish you a Happy Friday and a great week ahead!