13 Jan, 21:37 (IST)

Adorable video of elephant, Andal from Shrirangam temple being shy of the camera as she talks to her mahout goes viral. Watch:

13 Jan, 18:34 (IST)

Adorable video of a dog enjoying its new hula hoop goes viral. Watch:

13 Jan, 14:20 (IST)

A nice video of a herd of deer prancing in the snow has been captured from Texas. Deer having their own fun in the snow will leave you with a smile.Watch here:

13 Jan, 12:11 (IST)

A funny picture of a squirrel somehow ending up inside a bird feeder has been shared online.Check the Pic Here:

13 Jan, 10:38 (IST)

Today marks the celebration of Bhogi, the first of Pongal in South India. On this day, netizens are sharing their good greetings and wishes with everyone.Check tweets:

13 Jan, 09:23 (IST)

It is the festival of Lohri today, so people are exchanging wishes and greetings with Happy Lohri messages online.Check Some Here:

13 Jan, 08:21 (IST)

It's the mid-week and to motivate you to stay positive, thoughts and quotes are shared on Twitter with hashtags like #WednesdayThoughts and #Wednesdaymotivation.Check some tweets:

Good morning, people! Is the mid-week blues upon you already? If yes, worry not, as social media knows rightly to cheer you up and keep you entertained the whole day. As of now, #WednesdayWisdom and #WednesdayThoughts are trending on Twitter, with netizens carving hope and positivity to stay motivated throughout the day. In addition, we are expecting more engagement on different social media apps. Through this blog, you will know the trending topics, viral videos and funny memes that netizens are sharing today, January 13, 2021.

The start of the year, brings in festive cheer to the people of India, as the Hindu festival Makar Sankranti is upcoming. Videos and photos of netizens preparing for the harvest festival are sure to take over the internet. Besides, WhatsApp Privacy Policy memes and jokes continue to crack up the netizens. With some already shifted to alternative apps, other still in doubt if they should, the hilarious reactions are running as one of the top trends on social media, for over a week now. Aside from the memes, we expect more videos, trending topics, debates, and more to be highlighted by internet users, as and when something important comes up.

To know the latest updates from the world of social media, stay in tune with us. We will bring you all the buzz from the internet to keep you hooked throughout the day. Happy Wednesday!