Former Miss Moscow, Rihana Oksana Petra finally broke the silence over her secret wedding with Malaysian King Sultan Muhammad V Faris Petra. Pictures of their nuptial ceremony which reportedly took place in November, 2018, has now surfaced on social media, with people showering all their love to the beautiful couple.View First Pictures From Their Wedding Ceremony

In a historic attempt, Elon Musk's aerospace company, SpaceX successfully launched falcon heavy rocket today, June 25, 2019. In what Musk’s company described as “the most difficult launches,” it has ever attempted, the video of the dramatic moment has captivated the space lovers online. Read full report here.Watch Video of SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket Launch

In a hilarious moment, a baby has been captured laughing his heart out, every time, his father tries to tell him off. The father, identified as Nick Corum, had tried to tell off his one-year-old son, McKinley, after the little one attempted to climb the stairs. The viral clip shows Nick waving his finger as he tells his son, "this is not funny," but McKinley laughs uncontrollably. Meanwhile, their pet do jumps at him in an attempt to not stop him, while the kid continues to giggle.Watch Viral Video

Rajasthan's Ranthambore Tiger Reserve is in celebration, as they welcome three baby cubs of Tigress T-73. Cameras installed in the zoo, captured the photos of the cubs with their mother and social media is showering all their love to the new members.View Pics of the Three Cubs

Russian cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko, Canadian flight engineer David Saint-Jacques and NASA astronaut Anne McClain, returned to the Earth safely, after spending a 204-day mission in space. NASA hosted a live coverage to welcome the scientists and reportedly they arrived a few minutes earlier than speculated.Watch Video Here

Meet the International Space Station's Expedition 59 crew membersWelcome Home

When, Frenchwoman, named as Celine B on Twitter, was insulted on the street by a stranger, for wearing a V-neck top, she decided not to keep herself quiet. She clicked a cleavage selfie of her and shared it on social media, calling out on the eve teasers and everyone who thinks, showing off any amount of cleavage is a sin and a betrayal to the society’s so called "culture". It definitely did not take much time for the tweet to go viral and soon #ILoveMyCleavage surfaced online with images of women showing off their cleavage. Read full story here.Here's the Tweet

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While all eyes were on the field during Ind vs Pakistan ICC World Cup 2019 Match last week, there was another beautiful spectacle that took place in the Old Trafford stadium in Manchester. An Indian man proposed to his girlfriend amidst all the high octane environment during the match. A video of the proposal was shared on Twitter and everyone is loving it. The video of the proposal is now going viral.Watch Video of Proposal on Ind vs Pak ICC World Cup Match:

In Maharashtra's Ahmednagar region, a venomous vine snake was removed from a man's shirt. The scary part is that all the while of rescue, the man was sleeping and the rescue was done without waking him up. A video of the incident has gone viral. Check the story here.

A 3-foot-long monitor lizard was seen emerging from a government hospital in Fatehabad region of Haryana. The reptile was captured and would be let out in the wild.Check Pics of Monitor Lizard Found in Hospital:

A teenage sausage factory worker, identified as, Jomar Junco, was reportedly sucked by the meat mixing machine placed next to him. It is thought that the worker got his right arm caught in the machinery that dragged him inside. Police officials are currently investigating the matter and an official medical report about the cause of death is awaited. Check all the details here. 

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The internet has the decimate power to clear the borders for people living around the world. All the news and its reciprocations taking place in one part of the world, reach another in no time. And thanks to this very unification there are certain things and discussions that begin to trend. We will keep you posted on all that is happening in parts of the world, the trending topics, viral videos and funny memes that are being shared. Be it serious news or a funny take to it, we will try and get you to what is being discussed on the internet.

With the second day of the week, Tuesday Thoughts have begun to show up on Twitter timelines. On each day, people share inspiring and positive quotes to begin their day. Currently in India, there is one discussion that is prominently held on the newly released Bollywood movie Kabir Singh. The movie has divided people over the internet over its showcase of toxic masculinity and whether such films should have been made. On the other hand, people supporting it say it should be looked at as cinema and there is a difference why it is called a reel vs real. So various viewpoints are coming to the fore.

Leaving the entertainment bit aside, people in parts of the country are still awaiting the arrival of monsoons. All eyes are towards the sky waiting for the pleasant monsoon showers. The rain gods are being pleased in different parts of the country, while parts where it has rained, people are seeking respite.

So throughout the day, we will get you a lowdown of what is trending, funny tweets, memes and viral videos. Stay tuned with us!