Venomous Snake Eats Another Snake As Wild Wasp Attacks in Florida, Video Goes Viral
Snake eats another snake (Photo Credits: Evangeline Cummings Twitter)

Video of a poisonous snake eating another snake has gone viral on social media platforms. The video shows one snake eating another one while a furious wasp attacks it. The video is being shared widely and is being termed as 'peak Florida'. The video went viral after it was shared online by Evangeline Cummings, an employee of the University of Florida. She recorded the incident in her Gainesville backyard last week and shared it on Twitter. Man Teases Snake Live on Camera, Gets Bitten by the Reptile on Forehead! Watch Viral Video.

Evangeline shared the video on Twitter with the caption, "I believe I just witnessed a bee stinging a coral snake while the coral was dining on a rat (?) snake and I need your support to process this." The video shows an eastern coral snake bitting a dead rat while hanging from a bush. The wasp lands on the coral snake and the reptile then begins to thrash about wildly get away from the wasp. Australian TV Presenter Gets Horribly Bitten by 6-Ft-Long Python on a Show, Watch Terrifying Video.

Watch A Venomous Snake Eating Another Snake in Florida:

The video has gone viral and has received over 43,900 views and more than 1,300 likes. As the video went viral, varied opinion filled the comments section. While some thanked Evangeline for capturing the rare incident others said that it was a disturbing sight.

People came up with various theories about how the snakes ended up in the rose bush. Meanwhile, Evangeline tweeted her conclusion saying, "So we've now settled on our favourite theory: rat snake was dropped by a hawk or similar and landed in the rosebush. (But the rat snake is somewhat twisted around the branches so I wonder if when I was dropped it was still partially alive and tried to free itself and could not.)"