Video of Clumsy Baby Elephant Chasing Dogs Is Your Today’s Serving of Utter Cuteness!
Baby elephant playing with dogs (Photo Credits: Go Animals Facebook)

Baby elephants are among the cutest infants of animals in the wild. From chasing butterflies, to playing with other animals, baby elephants are known for their cuteness factor that can make anyone forget their worries for a while. A video going viral on social media shows the elephant playfully running towards a dog but trips and falls on its knees. But that doesn't stop him from chasing the adorable canines, he goes after them again in the slippery mud. Soon, the game turns around and two cut dogs start chasing him. The elephant folds its trunk and tries to run away from them. And as the video went viral, people termed it as 'clumsy baby elephant'. Dumbo Jumbo? Baby Elephant Gets Stuck in Fence in Thailand (Watch Cute Video)

It's simply amazing to watch baby elephants play among themselves. These little ones are also known for being extremely mischevious. While they generally play with babies within the herd, videos of these animals playing with other animals and humans have also gone viral on social media in the past. Elephants Swimming Across Kerala's Periyar River Amaze Netizens, Video Goes Viral.

Watch the video here:

The video comes after a heartbreaking video of a herd of elephants carrying a dead baby elephant went viral on social media. They are known for beings with complex emotions and often grieve the death of their young ones for many days. Earlier this year, video of a baby elephant nudging a painter at an animal care centre to play with him had gone viral on social media. The heartwarming video of the animal's affection towards the man and its playful nature had melted away the hearts of people.