Video of Man Shaving Beard and Drinking Beer on Train in New Jersey, but Here Are Some Things That Can Be Done Only on Mumbai Locals
Man was shaving in New Jersey transit train and Mumbai Local (Photo credits: video grab and Facebook)

A Mumbaikar will always complain about the rising crowd on the local trains. Year after year despite several measures, the local trains are always brimming with people. And as much as we crib about it, we cannot deny how awesome of a sub-culture exists within the Mumbai local trains. Recently, a video from New Jersey metro went viral on the internet, which saw an old man shaving in the transit train like the comfort of his house. If that wasn't enough, he was even seen drinking a beer later.

It was bizarre to see how easily this man just shaved his beard all well. Although it is not allowed, the man paid no heed to the rules, very clearly. The incident took place in NJ transit on the Northeast Corridor line. His behaviour grossed out some people as they expressed on Twitter. He went ahead and brought a beer, uncaring of where he was.

Take a look at man shaving his beard on New Jersey local:

Round 2!

Coming to Mumbai locals, where such things can definitely not be imagined but that doesn't make it less of an experience. In fact, for someone who is new in Mumbai locals, it is one of a kind experience. CR Paints Mumbai Local Train's Womens' Compartment With Colourful Art, Twitter Says It Will Soon Turn Red Due to Paan Stains. 

Here are Some Things That One Can Only Experience in Mumbai Locals:


Ladies in Mumbai local can literally buy everything from vegetables to jewellery by just taking one long journey along the Mumbai local. While earlier there would be only some accessory sellers that would frequent the ladies compartment, now there are dresses, make-up, face-pack, veggies to snack items that are being sold in the trains.

Kitty parties:

A lot of women develop strong friendships over their daily train travels. Ladies have their groups of friends who help them in getting seats to exchanging recipes. And a common tradition seen in some trains is when the ladies arrange their own small parties in the train compartments. Each one gets a special food item and despite the crowds, they manage to have their parties executed smoothly.

Free Massage Service:

Bless the crowd at times, after a long tiring day! Just getting in the aisle of the train compartment from the door is a good massage, thanks to other people squeezing around you. During the rush hour, a good massage is inevitable. And then getting down at a station from your seat is getting a massage all over again. Unless your bones aren't broke, let the free massages come in.

Crowd Management (NOT):

The best management lessons in terms of space utilisation are imparted in Mumbai locals. Thanks to the sheer optimism of 'crowded train being empty inside,' a lot of people manage to squeeze themselves inside the train compartments. And once you are inside, you learn to make space for yourself. The very first lesson of the management is the fourth seat.

Bhajan Mandals:

Bhajan Mandals in train (Photo credits; Facebook)

You might be used to listening to your morning playlist on your train journey but if you are a regular train commuter you will get to listen to a devotional playlist, whether you like it or not. The Bhajan mandals in Mumbai local trains go on singing devotional songs one after another and they come all equipped with their instruments. So a musical ride is unmissable.

These things are daily experiences for regular commuters of Mumbai local. An amalgamation of all cultures and classes, carrying thousands of them together on one journey, Mumbai local is undeniably an experience to take for everyone.