A hilarious video of a woman being 'eaten alive' by her sofa bed has gone viral. The clip of the funny incident has gone viral making people laugh at the how 25-year-old Dani Garland ended up inside the tummy of a bed. She was staying on-site at Challaborough Bay Holiday Park, in Kingsbridge, Devon where she offered to help make her friend Shay Stock's bed. It shows her initially doing the sheets at the holiday park where they work. Dani then goes to the other end to put it straight when she was eaten up by the bed, well arguably. But within seconds, the bed folds up on its own swallowing her. Take Your Dog To Work Day (US) 2020: Funny Videos of Dogs And Cats Giving a Tough Time to Their Hoomans Working From Home During Lockdown.

The bed folds up when she steps on the mattress. Seems the bed was supported by a small stand that bed when she stood on it. Not only to withhold all the pressure on one side it folded up with Dani inside it. Shay can be heard laughing as Dani moves around the sheets and struggles to free herself. Shay works on the entertainment team at the site where Dani is the park supervisor. He said that she was not injured other than hurting her foot a little.

Woman Swallowed by Bed in Hilarious Video:

The incident happened last month and the video surfaced online only recently. Social media users couldn't stop laughing at the state of the woman who ended up being swallowed by a bed while trying to help a friend. The clip is truly funny and you are sure to watch it on loop.

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