Woman Eats 1.5 Kg of Iron Nails, Safety Pins And Other Metal Objects; Doctors Diagnose Acuphagia
(Image used for representational purpose only) (Photo Credits: ANI)

Ahmedabad, November 13: Doctors from a civic hospital in Gujarat extracted nearly 1.5 kilograms of metal from woman's stomach. The metal content found in woman's stomach were inch-long iron nails, safety pins, nuts and bolts, hairpins, U-pins, mangal sutra, bracelets, bangles and copper rings. Sangita, was admitted to a civil hospital from a government hospital for mental health care in Ahmedabad after she complained about the stomach pain, reported TOI.

The woman in her mid-forties, a native of Maharashtra's Shirdi, was handed over to mental healthcare after she was found wandering in the streets of Shaherkotda area. Doctors who were operating on her told TOI that the woman's stomach had become rock hard. The X-ray revealed that her tummy contained a large lump of metallic objects. One safety pin had punctured her stomach, which prompted doctors to carry out surgery immediately. Uttar Pradesh: Cloth Detected in Woman's Stomach Days After Surgery in Etawah District.

After a two and a half hour surgery, doctors removed nearly 1.5 kg of metal articles from her stomach. With sharp metal objects, doctors also found other items like zipper and rope, which was in her stomach for a long time. The woman was eating sharp metals due to a rare disorder, Acuphagia. Sangita is now out of danger and will be discharged after she recovers. Eat Crickets For A Healthy Stomach? 5 Facts About Eating Insects, Bugs and Other Creepy Crawlies.

What is Acuphagia?

Acuphagia is a mental disorder where the patient eats sharp metal objects. In this condition, a person eats any metallic object he or she finds, without thinking about its aftermath. The cases of acuphagia are rare but there have been some cases reported earlier. An Ethiopian man was found with 222 metallic objects inside his stomach. The doctors claimed that the man had been eating these items for nearly two years. Doctors found an assortment of 15 cm nails, hair pins, door keys, and even watch batteries. His family said that he was suffering from a mental illness, but later doctors found that he also suffered from acuphagia.