Woman Regrets Removing Her Belly-Button To Gift it to Her Boyfriend, Calls Her Decision 'Impulsive'
Woman removes her belly button and gives it as a gift (Photo credits: YouTube video grab)

A 23-year old girl from Mexico wasn't in the best of terms with her family. In order to break all ties and 'humanness' with them, she got her belly button removed and gifted it to her boyfriend in the year 2015. Three years later as she has managed to come to terms with her family, she regrets her decision and calls it 'impulsive' and 'reckless.' At an age where a lot of youngsters have trouble with their families, Paulina Casillas Landeros, was a body modification fanatic, naturally leaving her family unimpressed. Girls' Nipple Piercings Are Revealed to Her Mother Through an X-Ray, Pic Goes Viral

Paulina underwent not one but numerous surgeries and got piercings and tattoos on her body. A resident from Guadalajara, in Jalisco, Mexico, had serious issues with her family when she opted for a back corset and split tongue. And in the same revenge against her family, she did something more serious, like getting her belly button removed. She thought it is 'what makes us human' and decided to gift it as a present to her then-boyfriend Daniel. Today, she regrets her decisions.

Currently a tourism student, she was quoted to Mirror, "I have always had problems with my family, I was not very close to them at the time. Body modifications fascinated me, there is something very transcending about them. I was very angry, I wanted to cut all unions from everything and everyone. I wanted to dehumanise myself in a symbolic way, I wanted to do something controversial." And as an ultimate token of love, she gifted her body part to her boyfriend, with whom she is no more together. She gifted it to him with a note saying 'I love you,' calling it a very emotional moment for both of them.

Today, Paulina is reunited with her family and understands the trauma her mother must have been through years ago because of her repulsiveness. Taking about her regrets she said, "I can’t imagine how it must feel, your own child wanting to break all their connection to you. If I could go back in time, I wouldn’t do it again, it was impulsive, reckless and I hurt a lot of people. Even though I did it for the wrong reasons, it has now taught me I should think things through before acting and it’s a nice reminder that characterises me."