World's Most Expensive Chicken: Dragon Chickens From Vietnam Are Costliest Poultry For Their Enormous Legs, Watch Video
Dragon chicken from Vietnam (Photo credits: Video grab)

Think of chicken legs and you'd imagine tender pieces of drumsticks fried in a flavorful marinade. Usually, 5-6 pieces on a late are sufficient for a starter dish, unless you order them in Vietnam, where even one piece can make two people full! A video of a chicken breed called the Dragon chicken is going viral on the internet, for their enormous legs. These chickens are in fact, the world's most expensive poultry for their massive thighs. Is There Vegetarian Chicken? KFC is Going to Try to Introduce 'Meatless' Fried Chicken By 2019.

They look bizarre but are sure relished by the locals in Vietnam. They are called the Dong Tao chicken and at one point were exclusive to the royal family in the country. They are very difficult to breed and thus are sold for high prices. A video of one such chicken is being shared online and for most of us who are used to seeing normal, smaller chickens may find it disgusting. The chicken looks deformed but they really aren't. Chicken Breed 'Kadaknath' Becomes a 'Bone of Contention' Between MP and Chhattisgarh.

Watch Video of Dragon Chickens With Enormous Legs from Vietnam 

Don't the legs look enormous? The very size has made it a delicacy in the country. These chickens weigh around 3-6 kgs depending on their leg structure. The bigger the legs, the higher is the price for these chickens. At times, one chicken can be sold almost for $1500. And since these chickens get sold for great costs, people are turning to breed them. But for one chick to fully grow into a well-bred chicken takes about 8-9 months.