For a couple of days now, BCCI's dietary plans have been under the scanner. It is said that the BCCI had recommended Halal meat to the players. With this, BCCI Treasurer Arun Dhumal has spoken about the fact they have not recommended any kind of dietary plans to the players. He further went on t say that diet is a personal choice. "This (diet plan) has never been discussed and will not be enforced. I don't know when this decision was taken or if it was. As far as I know, we never issued any guidelines related to diet plans," he said. BCCI’s ‘Halal’ Meat Recommendation for Indian Cricketers Raises Eyebrows Ahead of New Zealand Test Series. 

While emphasizing the food habits, Dhumal further said, "As far as food habits are concerned, it is the individual choice of players, BCCI has no role in it." Dhumal further said that the BCCI does not advise players on what to eat and what to eat. "Players are free to choose their own food. Whether they want to be vegetarian, it's their choice," he explained. He said that the player can be a vegan or a vegetarian, but it would be their choice. The BCCI has no say on the choices whatsoever.

After the reports of Halal meat being recommended went online, BJP spokesperson and advocate Gaurav Goel demanded immediate withdrawal of the recommendation. "The players can eat whatever they want but who has given BCCI the right to introduce 'halal' meat. This is illegal and we will not allow it," Goel said in a video posted from his Twitter handle.

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