SA beat PAK by 107 runs | South Africa vs Pakistan Live Cricket Score 3rd Test Match

Pakistan in South Africa, 3 Test Series, 2018/19

Date: Jan 11, 2019 Start Time: 13:30 IST | 08:00 GMT | 10:00 Local
Venue: The Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg
1st Inn - 262/10(77.4) 2nd Inn - 303/10(80.3)
1st Inn - 185/10(49.4) 2nd Inn - 273/10(65.4)
South Africa beat Pakistan by 107 runs

South Africa vs Pakistan Live Cricket Score - 3rd Test Match - Summary

End of Over : 65.4 PAK: 273/10

That will be it, then, from the red-ball leg of the tour. Pakistan have been outplayed in all the three games and the worst part is the lack of fight from them. It was always going to be a tough place for them to come and win but a competition would have been expected from them but it was not to be. 3-0 in the Tests then, and the second installment of the series is not far away. The first ODI will begin on the 19th of January from Port Elizabeth. It will begin at 1300 local (1100 GMT). Hope you guys have enjoyed the coverage of the Tests, looking forward to have you'll back for the One-Day Internationals as well. Till then, it's goodbye from us. Take care!

65.4 W

OUT! Run out! What a comical way to end the match. Where was Abbas going, only he will know. A flighted one on middle, Abbas pushes it towards mid on and sets off but his partner was going no where. The fielder throws it back to De Kock who takes the stumps off. Abbas was at sea and it means that SOUTH AFRICA WIN BY 107 RUNS AND TAKE THE SERIES 3-0. A complete performance and a whitewash!

65.3 0

Lots of air on this one outside off, Abbas plays it back softly as well.

65.2 0

Looped outside off, defended towards cover.

65.1 1

Flatter one outside off, driven to deep cover for a single.

End of Over : 65 2 Runs PAK: 272/9
64.6 0

Full toss there and Abbas seems to have missed his flick. The South Africans appeal but S Ravi turns it down. Had to be an inside edge there or else it looked to be in line.

64.5 0

Short one outside off, Abbas rides the bounce and keeps it out towards point.

64.4 0

Another one on a good length and off stump line, it takes the outside edge and runs towards point.

64.3 0

This one is sprayed down the leg side and Abbas misses his glance.

64.2 1

Short of a length ball on middle, pulled away by Khan to deep mid-wicket for a single.

64.1 1

Frustration for SA! A poor misfield allows Abbas to pick up a single towards point and get off strike.

End of Over : 64 7 Runs PAK: 270/9
63.6 4

FOUR! A length ball outside off, Shadab places it wide of gully and looks to take a single but once that fielder is beaten, there is no stopping that ball. Runs away for a boundary as Bavuma can't reach it.

63.5 0

On a good length outside off, solidly defended by Shadab.