NZ beat SL by 21 runs | New Zealand vs Sri Lanka Live Cricket Score 2nd ODI Match

Sri Lanka in New Zealand, 3 ODI Series, 2019

Date: Jan 05, 2019 Start Time: 06:30 IST | 01:00 GMT | 14:00 Local
Venue: Bay Oval, Mount Maunganui
319/7 Overs: 50.0
298/10 Overs: 46.2
New Zealand beat Sri Lanka by 21 runs

New Zealand vs Sri Lanka Live Cricket Score - 2nd ODI Match - Summary

End of Over : 46.2 SL: 298/10

Right then! The second ODI ends. What a humdinger of a game. Still recovering from the blues. The series is gone but Sri Lanka have begun 2019 on a wonderful note. Fought hard in the first ODI, almost crossed the line here. Can they get lucky the third time and avoid a whitewash? The third and final ODI is a day game and will be played on Tuesday, January 8, 2018 at 11 am local (2200 GMT, previous night). ADIOS! TAKE CARE!

46.2 W

OUT! Caught! NEW ZEALAND WIN BY 21 RUNS! The match ends. The crowd looks stunned. Now, it slowly starts to rejoice. A slower ball, fuller in length, Thisara backs away and looks to clear long on. But he is not quite able to time it. Trent Boult comes running in from long on, keeps his eyes on the ball, dives forward and just about hangs on to it! What a match! Who would have thought? The Kiwis take an unassailable 2-0 series lead.

46.2 1

WIDE! Henry smiles. But a wry one. A bouncer, around middle and leg, Perera ducks. It has been wided for height. Did not look that high...

46.1 3

Pradeep is off strike! And gets three runs as well! What a result for Sri Lanka. Full and outside off, Nuwan reaches out and drives it through the covers. Colin Munro runs after the ball and just about stops it near the ropes. Should he have allowed it to cross the boundary? Perera is back on strike!

End of Over : 46 24 Runs SL: 294/9
45.6 0

A bouncer to end the over. TP cannot retain the strike. He can only duck to see the ball off. But what an over - 6, 6, 0, 6, 6, 0!

45.5 6

SIX! This is a monstrous one! Southee is not landing the ball and Thisara keeps taking flight. Another full toss, the third one in this over, Perera clubs it over square leg for half a dozen! 26 needed from 25 balls now!

45.4 6

SIX! This one goes too! Full toss, on off, Thisara backs away and swings it over mid-wicket!

45.3 0

Another slower ball, outside off, TP swings but misses.

45.2 6

SIX! Change of ball but no change in the result! Another maximum as the Lankans are 38 away from a eye-popping win! A full toss, around off, Thisara backs away and swings it high in the air. Long on and long off get around... but the ball clears long on!

45.1 6

SIX! SPANKED! He is trying. He is really trying. A length ball, around middle, angling away, Perera backs away and swings it into oblivion over mid-wicket! 44 more needed from 29!

End of Over : 45 13 Runs SL: 270/9
44.6 0

Pradeep survives. A bouncer, right at the face, around off, Nuwan backs away from the line of the ball and ducks. 13 from the over, Neesham's figures read 7-0-48-2.

44.5 1

A short ball again, Perera backs a long way to the leg side and tries to pull. Is in no position to play that and gets a top edge. Luckily for him, it limps towards long on who cannot get there, neither can mid off running to his left. A single taken.

44.4 0

A short ball, around middle, TP backs away and looks to pull but gets a thick inside edge onto his pads.

44.3 6

SIX! Outrageous shot. Perera backs away to the leg side and Neesham bowls it full and wide outside off. The southpaw reaches out, throws his bat at that one and still manages to clear cover! Moves to 115 from 65 balls. The stand moves to 15 from 9.

44.2 6

SIX! SMOKED! Picks the slower one to perfection this time. A length ball, around off, Thisara waits and then swings it over mid-wicket! 57 needed from 34 balls now.