UN Women’s Office Release Several Videos Condemning Harassment of Russian Women at the 2018 FIFA World Cup
Julieth Gonzalez Theran (Photo Credits: juliethgonzaleztheran Instagram)

Rio De Janeiro, June 23: Recently, there were a couple of incidents where journalists while reporting live from Russia was groped on TV. First, it was Ms Gonzalez Theran and then the Swedish reporter Malin Wahlberg who got groped in public. These incidents have not gone down well with the UN Women’s office. Thus the body released has released several videos condemning sexual harassment of Russian women by Brazilian men at the ongoing 2018 FIFA World Cup.

"It is unacceptable the deliberate intention of some Brazilian fans to sexually harass women during the World Cup, using embarrassment, deception, and thus violating the human rights of women," said the agency on Friday.

The videos shared by Brazilian men on social network sites showed Brazilian men harassing a Russian journalist trying to work.

In another, they approached a Russian woman and convinced her to repeat some words in Portuguese. Not knowing what she is saying, the woman repeats several expressions with strong sexual and racist connotations. The videos have caused uproar and raised much criticism in Brazil and abroad. The men have since been identified, however, no official measures could be taken against them, Xinhua news agency reported.

"With low slang words, they reduced women to sexual objects in the demonstration of how misogyny, which even underlies the culture of rape, takes different forms and has no borders, occurring in an event that aims to promote the integration of peoples and feelings of union for sport.”To Russian women and women of all nationalities, UN Women Brazil expresses its solidarity," the agency added.