Former UFC fighter, Matt Riddle is one of the rising stars in WWE at the moment and has built a pretty good reputation for himself in the company. The ‘Original Bro’ joined WWE in 2018 and after a successful stint in NXT, he is ready to take the next step towards SmackDown. The wrestler was recently in the news after taking jibes at WWE legends Brock Lesnar and Goldberg. Brock Lesnar Likely to Return at SummerSlam 2020; Will The Beast Incarnate Get Another Shot to WWE Title?

According to reports, The Beast Incarnate did not take a liking to Riddle’s comment and was seemingly unhappy with the former NXT Tag-Team Champion. Riddle, in an NXT promotional video, said that he wanted to retire Brock Lesnar, to which the former WWE champ has stated that he does not want to work with the 34-year-old. Rey Mysterio’s Son Dominik to Make WWE Debut? 'You’re Gonna Pay’, Master of 619 Tells Seth Rollins.

In a recent interview with Hindustan Times, Riddle revealed that even WWE chief Vice McMahon also found his comments disrespectful. ‘I think they take my demeanour and my mindset or how I look at things as disrespect. I think even Vince might have taken it as me being disrespectful,' Riddle revealed. 'When I talked to Goldberg, I told him I wasn't being disrespectful, I was just telling the truth and me being honest.’ He added.

Matt Riddle further stated that he was misunderstood by Lesnar and Goldberg and would like to change their mind if possible. ‘Brock Lesnar misunderstood what I was saying. I said I want to retire you, It's been my goal since I started wrestling. It is because in my head it was that I would become a legend in the process.’ Riddle said further.

‘It just happens that I am still going and the match might actually happen. That's it, bro. And Brock took that a little sideways. There's nothing personal, it's just business. End of the day, somebody like Goldberg, I hurt his ego a little bit.’ The 34-year-old added.

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