New Delhi, July 10: Emphasising the priority to unlock the potential of 5G technology for rural development, the government on Wednesday urged the industry and telecom service providers (TSPs) to come forward and deploy technology to create "5G Intelligent Villages".

The "5G Intelligent Village" initiative of the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) responds to the pressing need for equitable technological advancement by harnessing the transformative power of 5G technology to uplift rural communities. Digital Payments in India Led to Permanent Shift in Consumer Behaviour: Kearney’s Report.

At a DoT workshop, Telecommunications Secretary Dr Neeraj Mittal discussed the concept of "smart" and "intelligent" villages, emphasising the ability of these communities to interact, sense their surroundings, convey data, and extract knowledge, to be able to make informed decisions. He urged Industry and TSPs to come forward and adopt villages and employ technology to make them intelligent villages.

Emphasising the government's priority on enhancing rural development, the workshop showcased initiatives aimed at improving connectivity, digital literacy, and sustainable practices to significantly enhance the quality of life for rural communities. The experts emphasised on the need to bridge the digital gap between urban and rural landscapes. GenAI in India: 64% of Indian Organisations Observed Enhanced Innovative Work, Adoption of Generative AI, Says Report.

The workshop aimed at integrating technology and rural development to enhance quality of life. The integration of cutting-edge innovations, like 5G, with traditional rural practices was highlighted as a pathway to foster sustainable growth and improve living standards in rural areas.

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