Facebook Nudity Ban: Site Apologises For Removing Holocaust Picture of Naked Starving Children Posted by Anne Frank Center
Facebook removed Holocaust picture because it showed nudity (Photo credits: Pixabay, TheDigitalArtist and Facebook)

Social media giant Facebook has been closely following its policies of sharing nudity on the platform. But time and again the site does not take into account the historical context of some content. The Anne Frank Center had posted an article to raise awareness about Holocaust victims. The picture used here had naked children, who were the victims of the Holocaust. But Facebook removed the post as it featured nude images of children. Now, the post is restored and Facebook has apologised for the error. Facebook to Ban Discriminatory Advertisements Nationwide; Signs Agreement With US. 

The Anne Frank Center questioned Facebook as to why the article was removed. The Center took to Twitter as they did not get any response from Facebook. The site was unable to distinguish between nudity and a historical event. The site's algorithms do not allow any form of nudity to be shared, thus the content was removed. Six days later, the post is back up again. 'Nazi Grandma' Ursula Haverbeck Arrested in Germany After Avoiding Jail For Denying Holocaust. 

Take a look at the article regarding the Holocaust victims that was removed:

Take a look at Facebook's apology regarding the same:

After Facebook removed the post, people began calling out to the site for denying the Holocaust. This is not the first time Facebook's algorithm has removed posts of historic significance on similar lines. It earlier had removed paintings by artist Ruben which featured nudity posted by a museum in Belgium for an event.

The social media site is carefully looking at all its content being shared but probably should a little more careful when it comes to historical events and references. However, it is still not known if the Holocaust post was flagged by any user who read it or Facebook itself took it down.