According to a survey conducted by Yahoo Finance, Meta Facebook is the "Worst Company of 2021.” Facebook Directed to Pay $257 Per Victim Over Personal Data Breach

Yahoo Finance did a survey for the best company of 2021 and another one for the worst company of 2021. Ultimately, the website arrived at the result's conclusion from the survey’s 1,541 respondents. The public voted Meta Facebook to be the worst among the bad companies selected and determined by the readers and survey recipients. Facebook received 8% of the write-in vote.

There were significant complaints of censorship, mainly of the right and conservative voices that felt that the “free-speech police” was being unfair and they were owed the right to say whatever they wanted to on the platform.

On the other side, people hectored the platform for failing to police significant misinformation that in the view of critics contributed to people not taking the pandemic’s potential for death seriously. Facebook was also blamed by one respondent for the rise of far-right extremism and “undermining democracy worldwide.”

Outside of the political conversation, many respondents were also upset with the company’s effects on children and young people, citing its photo-sharing site Instagram and its impact on mental health. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram Down: Facebook Apologises to Users After Global Outage For Second Time in a Week, Issue Resolved Within Hours

Around 30% of Yahoo Finance readers who responded to the survey said that Facebook or Meta could redeem itself. It remains a massive platform in the social media landscape today, despite people looking to cancel the company and go against its services as the Worst Company of 2021. 

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