Popular crypto enthusiast, Panama Crypto recently changed its name to Xaman Crypto. Sharing the update with his Twitter followers in an interesting way, he wrote multiple tweets.

"BORING THREAD! This thread of why I am moving away from Panama Crypto and changing my name and avi to Xaman Crypto, while remaining anon. When started this ct journey in early 2017, my goal was to become the number 1 account of crypto from Panama." he wrote on Twitter.

In his next tweets, he mentioned that the reason behind changing account's name was his decision to move on. He felt that the name does not do justice to him as an individual anymore and is more about his country. He also shared how he finalised Xaman as the new name it is quite an interesting story.

Xaman on Twitter makes sure that people have fun while talking about something as cool as crypto and blockchain technology. Despite having an experience of 5 years in crypto, he does not consider himself as an influencer but just a regular guy sharing his crypto journey with people. "I make the same mistakes in crypto as everybody else but having been in crypto for 5 years might give me some edge on what things NOT to do. Also, my feed is funny AF (or at least I think so)"

Xaman believes that challenging work and perseverance are key traits of a successful person. "The day you stop hustling is the day you die. I see myself doing the same thing, just little less hustling," he says.

Xaman also shares that often during the journey towards success it feels like one has lost. But you have not lost until you stop. So, he suggests everyone to keep trying and to never stop.

In his experience so far, Xaman has built a strong fan following of close to 78k on Twitter. It took a lot of demanding work and dedication to overcome all the challenges that life threw at him. "Managing risk, investing in crypto is not like gambling, takes lots of effort to find the right formula to be sufficiently invested to make money, but leaving enough to try again, as many times as you need to “make it.”" he says.