It is the latest addition to join the ever-growing NFT gaming market which is on a constant rise. Since the past few years, digital assets' sphere has been gaining momentum with many players wanting to jump onto the bandwagon to have their piece of share. The gaming industry too has gone a step ahead now and made themselves a part of this ever-growing Web 3.0 offering called NFT.

With a host of play-to-earn games stepping in, we were confused for choosing the best one till one drew our attention as it stood out from the rest in many ways. We are talking about World of Defish which has taken the decentralized gaming universe to the next level.

This is one gaming platform where players can upgrade their in-game skills and equipment while exploring DeFish’s spectacular underwater world, which is as enchanting as ever. According to reports, the play-to-earn market is worth more than $12 billion and holds a massive potential. By being a part of World of DeFish one can open themselves to a whole new world of opportunities while simultaneously being a part of an amazing ocean world, which is home to some breathtaking sea creatures in the form of fishes.

In order to become fishermen in the World of Defish players have to hold their native tokens and start their play and upgrade their fishing gear to catch even more valuable NFT fishes. For those who want to stay away from this exercise can also earn passive income from all the catches that take place in their territory. It's a boon in disguise for players as well as those who want to earn profits through passive income sources.

The makers aim at involving more players in the game, the reason they are giving them ownership of their assets. The team behind World of Defish are confident that the project will take off from the word "go" as it has the most gorgeous collection of NFT fishes players must have ever seen. There is much more in store for the players in the form of exciting features that will be revealed at a later stage.