The digital world we want cannot be achieved without the young entrepreneur with the greatest minds. Here we are with the success story of the Founder of PC Builder, Sunny Bundel who started working for his dreams at the age of 15, and now he has become one of the successful entrepreneurs at such a young age.

During our interview with Sunny Bundel, he mentioned that he decided to start his own business 8 years ago and since then he is working hard and it is all because of such dedication and hard work he is standing with his own business name 'PC Builder' which is a tool which helped millions of people to build their dream PC without any hassle or incompatibilities.

As the world is getting digital every business needs a PC for their business to grow but not everyone knows what PC they need for their business, and where their tool helps users to get what they want.

He also mentioned he was able to achieve all this just because he planned and started building his dream project at the time he was in college and it took him almost 2 years to complete it. He came up with various hurdles in the way but those weren't enough to stop him. He continued to work on his project and finally made it public at the time of the Covid pandemic.

"It doesn't matter how difficult your dream is, if your will is strong then nothing can come in your way". With no experience in life, Sunny Bundel started his journey and now he owns the experience which no job can provide you with.

Even when the pandemic was at the break people like Sunny Bundel were working hard to build their dream, nothing can stop them from achieving. If you are willing to take risks in life then nothing can stop people like Sunny Bundel from getting successful.

Before starting PC Builder, Sunny Bundel was working as a full-stack developer and blogger. He is also running his blog name 'MyTechTalky' and previously he even had his own hosting company which he recently closed to dedicate more time to his other projects.

He also said that he always believed that it's best to work for what you like and dedicate your time working for it, so you won't regret later not working for your dreams and this was the reason why instead of doing a job after college he decided to invest his time for his own dreams and taking risks for them.

Now he runs a successful company of his own with a bunch of people working along with him.

If you wish to be an entrepreneur the only thing you need is to work for your dreams and taking risks for them, if you can do this then you can be successful like various entrepreneurs out there like Sunny Bundel.

Seeing such inspiring stories of young entrepreneurs is truly a motivation to various of the seekers out there. We hope that Sunny Bundel will grow more in his journey and we will see him again with his other projects soon.