His newest book 'The Business Game', had its front cover showcased on the electronic billboards at Times Square, NY. 

The way the world is changing and evolving around us, it is only evident that many new advancements and developments have been instrumental in making all of this happen. Thanks to the ever-evolving world of digital and social media which has paved the way for many individuals, professionals and businesses to climb the ladder of success with optimizing and maximizing the opportunities offered through the online mediums. To take people on their path to success and growth here is an Instagram Guru and author named Mirko Scarcella, an Italian gentleman and pure talent who is leaving no stone unturned making people understand the significance and the usage of social media for attaining success.

Mirko Scarcella always saw great potential in the growing digital media world and believed in the umpteen numbers of opportunities it can provide people for growing themselves and their brands across social media platforms, by following the right strategies and techniques. Today, this talented gentleman is not just a successful Instagram guru who knows how to scale his clients across the online mediums, but is also an author who has recently launched his third book, "The Business Game", which takes people through the journey of his life, and how he drew a successful career of his dreams. The front cover of the same was recently showcased on the electronic billboards of Times Square, NY and the interesting part is that the foreword has been written by the American star Nicky Jam.

Initially, Mirko Scarcella worked as a Zara salesman with a definite contract at hand, but his quest to do something of his own and build a career that could give him more satisfaction, led him towards the social media world, ultimately becoming an Instagram growth expert and guru who excels at growing the presence and visibility of his clients from varied sectors and fields. 

He has worked with people from almost all sectors, including the fashion industry, lawyer's offices, celebrities, plastic surgeon and so many others. In fact, Mirko Scarcella believes that there is no profession that cannot benefit from an intelligent presence on social media. His second book, "The Bible: Success Fame Money", has already made a lot of buzz for it’s relevant content on social media and how it can be used for attaining desired success.

He is married to Dashil Hernandez known as DASH, a famous American model and they both live in Miami. Mirko Scarcella truly has made his name as one of the most established entrepreneurs in the digital world, who has made it huge as a successful author as well.