Mumbai, September 19: According to reports, an unusual hybrid species of dog and fox that was discovered accidently following a vehicle accident has died. The 'dogxim' creature was discovered in Brazil in 2021 and was transferred to the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul veterinary facility. The DNA test performed there revealed that the animal was the first dog-fox hybrid ever discovered. According to the publication, the Brazilian government has initiated an inquiry after the animal's guardians neglected to notify its death. The cause and time of 'dogxim's' death are unknown.

Since November 2021, the Pampas fox-dog hybrid has been residing at the Sao Braz conservation site. When researchers sought for images of the unusual animal, they were told it had perished six months before. We are really saddened by her passing, especially because we do not know the precise date or reason of death, said Dr Rafael Kretschmer, a cytogeneticist who verified the hybrid nature of 'dogxim' to The Telegraph. Pig-Monkey Hybrid Chimeras Made By Scientists in China Dies! What is Chimera? Are There Human Chimeras? Here's Everything You Need To Know.

World’s First Dog-Fox Hybrid Passes Away

We just found out she died because I called Mantenedouro Sao Braz to get some current images of the hybrid, the expert added. Flavia Ferrari, a naturalist who interacted with the animal, stated that the female was healthy and showed no signs of illness. Scientists were shocked to find 'dogxim' rejecting dog chow but accepting tiny rats. Snakehead Fish Spotted in Georgia Sparks Terror in Residents, Officials Order to ‘Kill It at Sight’.

Another activity of the pampas fox was noted when she climbed the shrub in the setting where she was confined, according to researcher Cristina Araujo Matzenbacher. Its finding was published in the journal MDPI, and the specialists stated they employed cytogenetics and other high-level procedures to examine the animal's DNA.

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