At-home recovery has been on the rise since the start of the pandemic, and professionals are nowadays always looking for tools that promote wellness. Massage guns or percussion therapy guns have become the go-to product for professionals, athletes, and recreational sports enthusiasts. The OYeet NEX PRO is fast gaining momentum as the ultimate massage gun and is launching soon on Indiegogo.

The features of NEX PRO have been designed by keeping optimal recovery in mind. With over 60lbs of force and 40% more depth, the p​owerful & portable OYeet NEX PRO delivers a vibrational massage experience unparalleled when compared to traditional massage guns. Due to its new and improved design, it can speed up the recovery process and reduce muscle tension 50% faster.

The​ 2021 Reddot Design Award Winner, the OYeet NEX PRO is sleek and powerful. Packaged in a convenient travel case, it offers eight professional attachments and comes in two colors. The OYeet NEX PRO's convenience means recovery is possible wherever you are. Quiet and easy to carry, it can go from home to the gym and back again, ensuring muscle rehab and self-care doesn't have to wait. "We know our users' paramount concerns post-workout are often scar tissue and adhesions," explained the creators. "These are things you want to address right away, and we created a product that can do that from the comfort of one's home."

The experts who have worked with professionals to design the OYeet NEX PRO are excited to bring something innovative to a stagnant market. "The technology behind hand-held massage guns and vibration therapy hasn't yet adapted to current needs," explained the team. "It was time to elevate what we can offer and what can be done for people regarding at-home recovery."

As people take a more concentrated approach toward recovery, consumers are forgoing expensive and traditional spa and massage services for a product they can use at home or on the road. Entirely funded, the project team has developed a final product ready to ship this year. Guaranteed delivery and a two-year warranty make the OYeet NEX PRO desirable to consumers looking for an outstanding and reliable at-home recovery tool.