Providing a royalty free, decentralized intellectual property this project is ready to take off.

The past year has experienced a steady rise in the popularity of digital assets, with their sales growing manifold. The NFT space has grabbed the limelight having made a strong foothold in the digital asset market, which is growing at an exponential rate and is predicted to grow to race ahead at a fast pace this year too. This ever-growing trend has given a big boost to the industry and a number of players have stepped in, introducing the best concepts that have taken the industry by surprise. Out of the recent projects, one has drawn a lot of attention owing to its distinctive character traits which makes it stand out from the rest. It goes by the name ZINU.

ZINU is the industry’s first fully animated 3D zombie NFT that knows how to mix up with the human race as well as right the evil forces. These unique characters can walk, flip, dance and perform a variety of movements, and comprises of trillions of unique 3D full-motion zombified character combinations, with a total of 10,000 total NFTs that can be minted to the blockchain. The collection contains the Zombie Mob Secret Society (ZMSS), where each NFT has its own characteristics and bear a distinctive trait from others. Each holder of these NFTs get a different character which has its own identity which is incomparable. The project has already gained much attention and amassed a humongous 40,000+ strong membership, which will form its robust community.

The ZINU characters might very well come up as merchandise in the future. The creators of ZINU are looking forward for the project to zoom past others, and they are confident that it will most certainly make its mark soon, looking at the kind of following it has garnered. Furthermore, the project has also tied up with REV3AL, as the first NFT project to use its digital anti-counterfeiting and copyright protection technology that adds the company’s proprietary patent-pending REV3AL layers onto each of ZINU’s NFTs.