Cradle Fund CEO Nazrin Hassan Death Was NOT Due to Cellphone Blast, Cops Arrest  Wife And Ex-Husband For Murder Probe
Cradle CEO Nazrin Hassan with his wife (Photo credits: Facebook/Nazrin Hassan and File photo)

Kuala Lumpur, September 4: CEO of Cradle Fund Nazrin Hassan died after a fire in his home on June 14. Initial reports by family stated that Nazrin Hassan died when one of his smartphones exploded while charging in the bedroom. But police arrested the deceased's wife Samirah Muzaffar and her first husband was also taken into custody. Selangor CID chief Senior Asst Comm Fadzil Ahmat said they both will be remanded for 7 days.

The ex-husband was arrested first and then the wife. Nazrin's death was being investigated and it was classified as a case of murder and not accidental death on August 3. The lab test results from the Selangor Fire and Rescue Department indicated some foul play into his death. There were traces of petrol in Nazrin’s room on the top-floor which resulted in the fire. There were also traces of petrol on Nazrin’s head, bedframe and mattress, as well as his handphone.

The fire department's director had confirmed that they did not believe that an exploding phone killed Nazrin. Police had concluded in preliminary investigations that Nazrin was trapped in the fire in his bedroom and died due to smoke inhalation.

Meanwhile, the wife Samirah has criticised the authorities at the fire department as they refused to divulge any updates to her about the case. Her statement on August 14 stated that she wanted information about certain missing items and personal belongings of Nazrin. She alleges that the claims made by the Fire and Rescue Department are untrue. They had taken control of the room in which the death occurred and no family members were allowed to enter it. The message given by Nazrin's family members was also unclear as it stated the exploded phone caused a trauma to his head, thus resulting in his death.