Donald Trump Hits Out at OPEC Nations in UNGA Speech: 'Horrible Oil Prices Won't be Tolerated'
US President Donald Trump speaking at UNGA | (Photo Credits: Twitter/@JeffreyGuterman)

New York, Sept 25: United States President Donald Trump lashed out at the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) while speaking at the United Nations General Assembly, accusing it of arbitrarily raising the crude oil rates to adversely affect the economy of oil importing nations.

"The OPEC is responsible for the unreasonable hike in fuel prices. They are the same nations who rely on us for protecting them. And then, they want to exploit the situation. I want to make this clear -- we will not accept the horrible oil prices," Trump said. Oil Prices Jump to Four-year High As OPEC Rejects Trump’s Call to Increase Crude Output.

The international brent crude oil rates have jumped to a four-year high, hovering $81.4 per barrel. The soaring prices have skyrocketed the rates of petrol and diesel in the importing nations.

The American President advised importing nations to take cue from Poland, which has used its natural gas reserves to eliminate the dependence on OPEC nations.

Apart from hitting out at the OPEC, Trump marked his dissent against the World Trade Organisation, accusing it of favouring China.

"Our trade deficit has ballooned due to the unfair practices of China and our workers are being traumatised, yet the WTO threatens us with action," the US president said, referring to the cognizance taken by the global trade body of Beijing's complaint over unprecedented trade tariffs imposed by the Trump regime.

"America will not surrender its sovereignty to global unelected bureaucracy. We will stand up to safeguard our interests," he said.

In his UNGA speech, Trump specifically heaped praises at four nations - India, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Poland.

"There is India, a free society of over a billion people, lifting people out of poverty into the middle class. In Saudi Arabia, the Crown Prince (Mohammed bin Salman) is pushing ahead with reforms. In Israel, the past seven decades has been prosperous and Poland is scaling new highs," Trump said.