Donald Trump Jr. And Wife Vanessa Trump File For Divorce
Donald Trump Jr's wife Vanessa, files for divorce

New York: Donald Trump Jr. and his wife, Vanessa Trump, may be getting divorced.

Vanessa Trump, a former model, is seeking an uncontested divorce from the president's son, according to a public court record filed yesterday. Details of the divorce complaint haven't been made public.

The couple, both 40 years old, married in 2005 and have five children. In a 2006 interview with the International Herald Tribune, Vanessa shared how Donald Trump had been the one to introduce his son to her at a fashion show.

The Trump Organization, where Donald Trump Jr. is an executive, didn't immediately respond to an emailed request for comment. The court filing didn't include the names of the couple's lawyers.

Vanessa Trump's engagement and marriage to Donald Trump Jr. had been a subject of tabloid fascination in New York long before her father-in-law, Donald Trump, entered politics.

At the time of their engagement, there were unflattering stories about how Trump Jr. had accepted a free diamond ring from a jewellery merchant in New Jersey in exchange for staging a recreation of his wedding proposal outside the store for reporters and TV cameras.

Last month, Vanessa Trump opened a letter to her husband containing an unidentified white powder and was briefly hospitalized as a precaution, but the substance turned out to be nonhazardous.

A Massachusetts man later was charged with sending the threatening letter.

The news of the two filing for divorce came on the same day The New York Times reported that Special Counsel Robert Mueller had served subpoenas on the Trump Organization for any internal documents related to Russia.

Reports theorize that Vanessa Trump may be wanting to distance herself from the investigation of which Donald Trump Jr seems to be a key part. Others also suggested that the marriage must have completely broken down for the divorce to be filed while Donald Trump holds office and which means his entire family is under continuous scrutiny by the media.