Japan Medical Schools Gender Bias: Women Demand Compensation From Tokyo Medical University Over Admissions Row
Representational Image (Photo Credits: pixabay)

Being one of the most developed countries, Japan is infamous for discriminating against women at every space. Where the government is trying to build new strategies including ‘womenomics’, there is still a vast rank of women being excluded from many professions. Last month, the government survey revealed that medical schools in Japan deliberately admits more men than women. It was less surprising for the Japanese citizens but more to the remaining countries in the world creating a heating debate amongst the young professionals and aspirants. Now, a group of women is demanding to compensate from a Japanese medical university that continued their admission altering the scores of female applicants to keep them out. Japan Medical Schools Deliberately Pass More Men Than Women Says Survey. 

The practice of several universities in Japan inappropriately manipulating the test scores has come to light. Many examinees suffered a disadvantage. According to the Japan Times, women who applied unsuccessfully to Tokyo Medical University intend to demand compensation from the school for deploying the entrance exam results in favour of male applicants and hiding the discriminatory practice. The University investigative panel on October 24, it had identified 69 people, including about 55 women, who were rejected to the university’s systematic alteration of the scores of female applicants and those who had failed in the entrance exams many times in the past.

The group of lawyers further informed that over 20 former applicants who took the university’s entrance exam in 2006 and later plan to file a request with the university demanding the authorities to pay 900 dollars in view of the damages caused every year an applicant took its entrance exams, refund exam fees and cover other associated costs like travelling costs. They will demand the university to disclose their exam scores. Filing a lawsuit will be an option if they do not get a satisfactory response from the university in two weeks. Yukiko Tsunoda, head of the lawyers’ group, said while referring to the findings of the investigative panel, “We were appalled by the large number of people who were rejected. It is terrifying to think this would have been shrouded in darkness if it wasn’t exposed.” Being a Single Mother in Japan is not Easy! While World is Becoming Progressive, Women in the Most Developed Country are Suffering. 

In the previous exposure, Tokyo University admitted that it had manipulated exam scores for over ten years to curb female enrolment. Officials in its effort claimed that they wanted to avoid a shortage of doctors at affiliated hospitals on the grounds that females tend to resign or take long periods of leave after getting married or giving birth. The education ministry in Japan also surveyed 81 universities with medical departments and found similar malpractices at other institutions. The ministry as of now has no plan to punish the concerned schools and has declined to name them, while asking them to change their practice.