Man Steals $200K From Home for Bulgarian Woman He Met on 'Adult Cam Website', Kills Parents & Brother
Murder (Photo Credits: File Photo)

A 29-year-old man in the US was taken into custody for killing his parents and brother after stealing a large amount of money from home. According to a Seminole County arrest warrant, he spent USD 200,000 on a woman he met on an adult camera website that led to issues at home. The registered nurse is said to have been maintaining a pornographic relationship with the woman from Bulgaria on whom he spent a lot of his family's money.

Grant Amato has been accused of stealing large sums of money from home and thereafter murdering his family. His 59-year-old mother Chad Amato, 61-year-old father Margaret Amato and 31-year-old brother, Cody Amato were found dead at their home in Chuluota. Suspicion rose after Cody's co-worker at AdventHealth Orlando reported that he had not come to work. Mumbai: Virar Murder Mystery Unfolds, Man Charged of Chopping Friend Into Pieces Over Financial Tiff.

According to reports, Grant has been in contact with the woman he met on Cam Girls, an adult web camera website, since June last year. Grant's surviving brother told the police that the family knew he had been in contact with a girl he met online and been sending her money. He also said that the girl knew where the family lived. Man Murders Wife Over Extramarital Affair, Confesses Crime in a Self-Shot Video & Kills Himself.

Grant told investigators that after his family learnt of the theft they gave him an ultimatum. They asked him to either attend a 60-day internet and sex deaddiction or leave the family home. According to the arrest warrant, the Grant checked into the facility on December 22 and checked out on January 4. However, his parents reported to the cops that Grant went missing on December 20 and told Seminole County Sheriff's Office deputies that their son was suffering from depression. The couple also told deputies Grant Amato had access to firearms and they were "100 percent convinced he will try to harm himself." Grant Amato was earlier fired from his job at a hospital for stealing prescription pills.

Cody Amato's girlfriend told deputies Grant and Cody had been having problems, after Grant stole $60,000 from Cody and sold his guns without permission. Cody and Grant’s brother, Jason Amato, said Grant had stolen another $150,000 from their father. Grant Amato was arrested in Florida on Saturday morning in an Orange County hotel. The Seminole County Sheriff's Office tweeted on Monday that he has been arrested on three counts of first-degree premeditated murder.