Pakistan: 3 Al-Qaeda and TTP Terrorists Killed in Punjab Province
Representational Image |(Photo Credits: PTI)

Lahore, July 2: Three terrorists of Al-Qaeda and Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) were killed by the security forces during a raid in Pakistan's Punjab province. According to the Crime Investigation Department of the Punjab police, an intelligence-based operation was launched in Tibbi Bhosa village in Gujrat, some 200-km from Lahore, on Monday on information that some six terrorists hiding there were planning to attack the offices of the intelligence agencies.

The CTD said it along with police besieged the area and challenged the terrorists to surrender. Instead they opened fire on the police which was returned. As a result three terrorists were killed and as many managed to escape taking advantage of darkness. Pakistan: 3 ISIS and LeJ Terrorists Arrested in Punjab Province.

The CTD said three terrorists killed in the shootout are identified as Tayab Jamil alias Baba, Bilal alias Abdul Raheem and Nadir alias Abdullah. It said the terrorists' names were mentioned in the Red Book belonging to Al-Qaeda and TTP.

A Kalashnikov, a rocket, a pistol, explosives, cash and maps of sensitive places have been recovered from the scene. The CTD said the terrorists were involved in attacks on the law enforcement agencies officials in Sargodha in 2007.