Rio de Janeiro, March 8: Another incident of Shark attack has been reported in Brazil. The attack by shark took place at Piedade Beach in Pernambuco State, Brazil. In a span of two days, at least two persons have been attacked. A 14-year-old girl was attacked on March 05 and lost her leg in the water. Another teenage girl was attacked on March 6 by sharks on the same beach, resulting in amputation in her left arm. A video of the victim crying in pain also surfaced online.

She has been identified as Kaylane Timóteo Freitas. She immediately received medical attention at around 1:20 pm on Monday. She was carried to the hospital by helicopter. According to the report published in the Mirror, Andréa Caribé, who lives in a building opposite the beach, “When I saw her, she was already covered in blankets and being taken away.

“Even after that, some people remained in the water. They [lifeguards] were pulling people out.”Paws vs Jaws: Dog Jumps Into Water To Attack Hammerhead Shark Swimming Near Bahamas Shore (Watch Video).

She regained herself after the amputation in the hospital and got awake and able to answer questions. A similar shark attack incident happened on February 20 when a shark bit a surfer at Praia Del Chifre in Olinda. Shark Attack in New Caledonia: Australian Tourist Attacked by Shark on Crowded Beach in Noumea, Succumbs to Injuries.

Although the authorities have warned that the beach has been a restricted area for swimming since 2021 due to the frequency of shark attacks, visitors often get into the water, and such accidents take place here frequently.

The City Hall said they would schedule a meeting with the State Committee for Monitoring Shark Incidents to decide if new measures should be implemented in the area.

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