Synthetic Drug Lab Found at Mexican Mountain! Navy Authorities Burn 500 Tons Meth on Site
Meth lab found in Mexico (Photo credits: Facebook/White Sands Treatment Center)

Mexico, Aug 18: The Mexican Navy authorities busted a big drug racket in the northern state of Sinaloa. In the raid that took place this week in the mountains near the town of Alcoyonqui, almost 50 tons of methamphetamine was found. The authorities found two underground storage labs next to the area and it contained plastic containers with all the drugs. There have no arrests in the case as yet. Mexican Navy Intercepts Boat, Seizes 2 Tonnes of ‘Suspected’ Cocaine.

The Navy gave a statement regarding the raid and it said, "approximately 50 tons of processed solid and liquid Crystal drugs, stored in containers and drums of different capacities." They also found "chemical precursors, material and equipment for production of the synthetic drug." All the manufacturing material and chemicals were burnt down at the scene, as it was a remote location. US Coast Guard Recovers 75 Pounds of Cocaine Floating in Gulf of Mexico Off Florida. 

The Marines had got certain intelligence reports about tons of drugs being manufactured in the Alcoyonqui municipality. Mexico is known for being a major drug supplier of meth to the US and also the source of heroin. There are also rising cases of opioid addiction that are being reported in the state. A lot of cocaine trafficking also takes place through Mexico. The powerful Sinaloa cartel is based in the state. The drug trade in Mexico has got some great references in the pop culture, with movies and series being made about the drug trade.