Theresa May Demands Respect From EU in Brexit Talks, Says UK Cannot Overturn Referendum Results
File image of UK Prime Minister Theresa May (Photo Credits: PTI)

London, Sept 21: Irked by the stern stand adopted by the European Union in the post-Brexit talks, Prime Minister Theresa May on Friday issued a statement, saying that her country must be accorded the respect by the EU no matter how the odds are stacked up against them in the negotiations.

May's office said she would not accept the manner in which the UK is being treated by the EU at "this late stage of negotiations". The statement further added that no leader of a sovereign nation should be coerced into accepting a "bad deal". Second Referendum on Brexit a Possibility if PM Theresa May’s Chequers Plan Fails in Parliament.

May's outburst comes in the backdrop of the latest round of talks with the EU. The Union has put forth two options before the UK to remain in European Economic Area -- first, to amalgamate the custom duties and other levies with the rates maintained by the EU, and second, to allow EU nations direct access to Northern Ireland.

According to May, the first option would virtually overturn the results of Brexit referendum. "It would make a mockery of the mandate issued by Britain," she said. Meanwhile, the second option would "permanently separate" Northern Ireland from England and Wales, she added.

Notably, the UK had voted for Brexit - to exit from the EU - in 2016, in a referendum which had polarised the British society. Following the Brexit outcome, the then PM David Cameron had resigned, whereas, the Nigel Farage, the far-right leader who campaigned for the exit vote, announced political retirement.