UK: Mother's Faux Pas in Washroom Clean-up Ended up Emission of Gas 'Banned' by Geneva Convention!
Image used for representational purpose | (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

London, January 1: In a startling incident from Nailsea town of Somerset, a mother's faux pas in washroom clean-up led to the evacuation of half of the lane where she resided. Toxic fumes came out of her house, and partially neighbourhood. When the rescue workers arrived, they found that the gas emitted is so toxic that it has been "banned" by the Geneva Convention -- due to possible usage as a chemical weapon in case of wars.

Dominique Heath, a mother-of-three, was cleaning the bathroom on New Year' eve. To clean the toilet drain, which was blocked as one of her child had dropped a toy inside, she poured three three litres of bleach cleaner mixed with another fluid. UK Nerve Gas Attack: How This Toxic Chemical Can Blind, Suffocate and Kill You Even Before You Know It.

Within minutes, toxic fumes came out of the washroom, which forced Heath to rush out of her residence along with the children.

The emergency 999 services was dialled up by her, seeking fire brigade rescue team at the earliest. When the firefighters arrived, they cordoned off the lane and evacuated most of the houses.

The condition was successfully brought under control as the rescue team safely cleared the toxic fumes away. No injuries were reported in the incident.

Heath, while speaking to reporters, said the situation was critical and had left her panicked. She also felt "embarrassed" as her unconventional technique of cleaning the washroom inconveniences scores in the neighbourhood.