'Voting Tory Will Cause Your Wife to Have Bigger Breasts': New UK PM Boris Johnson's Most Outrageous Quotes
Boris Joh | File Image | (Photo Credits: Getty)

London, July 24: Boris Johnson, who is set to be the new British Prime Minister, is controversy's favourite child in the United Kingdom. Known as "UK's Donald Trump", Boris Johnson has a long history of making outrageous, sexist and racist comments. From calling Hilary Clinton "a sadistic nurse" to describing Muslims wearing burkha as "letterboxes", Boris Johnson has a habit of courting controversy with his "quotes".

One of the most outrageous remarks of the 55-year-old Brexit hardliner is about Tory voters. "Voting Tory will cause your wife to have bigger breasts and increase your chances of owning a BMW M3," Johnson had said during 2005 election. As he is set to become the next British premier, we compile a list of outrageous quotes made by Boris Johnson. UK's Boris Johnson Pledges Post-Brexit Migration Controls.

Boris Johnson's Most Outrageous Quotes

Boris Johnson on Hillary Clinton: "She's got dyed blonde hair and pouty lips, and a steely blue stare, like a sadistic nurse in a mental hospital."

Boris Johnson on Muslim women wearing burkha: "...it is absolutely ridiculous that people should choose to go around looking like letter boxes."

Boris Johnson on UKIP: "I can hardly condemn UKIP as a bunch of boss-eyed, foam-flecked Euro hysterics, when I have been sometimes not far short of boss-eyed, foam-flecked hysteria myself."

Boris Johnson on Malaysian women attending college: "They have got to find men to marry."

Boris Johnson on Islam: "To any non-Muslim reader of the Koran, Islamophobia — fear of Islam — seems a natural reaction, and, indeed, exactly what that text is intended to provoke. Judged purely on its scripture — to say nothing of what is preached in the mosques — it is the most viciously sectarian of all religions in its heartlessness towards unbelievers."

Borish Johnson on Blacks: "What a relief it must be for Blair to get out of England. It is said that the Queen has come to love the Commonwealth, partly because it supplies her with regular cheering crowds of flag-waving piccaninnies."

Boris Johnson defeated Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt in the race to become next British premier. Johnson, former foreign secretary, secured 92,153 votes against 46,656 of his rival Hunt. He will now succeed Theresa May at 10 Downing Street.