Setting up your own company from anywhere in the world, without travelling is now made easy, swift and reliable by Youcompany US.

If you have the vision of taking your value proposition all across the 50 American states in the USA, and exploiting the full potential of your local company, then You Company US offers you the perfect solution.

The process is extremely simple and requires only a photograph of your passport to start the process. The highlight and uniqueness of this service is that it is remote and does not require you to travel to or be physically present in the USA.

To initiate the process, you just need to register indicating the details pertaining to the LLC or Inc. that you wish to form. This has to be accompanied by a photograph of the valid passport of each owner.

The swiftness of this process can be gauged by the fact that you will acquire your company’s certificates digitally through the Youcompany US platform in as less as 10 – 20 business days.

You will also have the advantage of opening an account directly with an American bank along with a VISA debit card at no regularity cost. This will be highly beneficial for local business transactions with suppliers and customers.

You will gain the advantage of starting a global digital business, and selling in an international market place without any restrictions. You can sell on Amazon and other related pages. Another significant advantage is of accessing any payment gateway like Stripe. Payments can be received from anywhere in the world and your sales can increase too.

Coupled with these advantages are others like obtaining an EIN to identify your business identity. Your personal assets are protected and you are also exempt from any legal responsibility once you register an LLC or Inc. You can also define the duties and rights for your company based on a suitable structure that is readily available.

There are 3 plans for company formation, The basic plan for US $ 800, The Plus Plan with Manager for US $2,500 and the Corporate plan with Manager for US $ 3,400. Please refer to our website .--------- for further details.

At You company US we help translate your vision and  dream of setting up a company in the USA to reality, simply and successfully from anywhere in the world !