Ujjain, May 14 (PTI) A woman threw her two children onto the platform and then jumped off a moving train in Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh on Saturday after realising she had boarded the wrong train, a video of the incident going viral on social media soon after.

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The woman, who slipped near the compartment door after jumping and was in danger of falling into the gap between the train and the platform, was rescued by railway police constable Mukesh Kushwaha, who will be rewarded for his quick thinking, an official said.

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"I have given a reward of Rs 500 at my disposal to the constable instantly. I have asked GRP Inspector Radheyshyam Mahajan to write a recommendation letter for a reward for Kushwaha," GRP Superintendent of Police Nivedita Gupta told PTI.

"A man, his wife and two children had come to the station at around 6:30am to board a train to Sehore. The woman boarded the Jaipur-Nagpur train by mistake. She threw her son aged four and six years onto the platform and then jumped off the moving train," Inspector Mahajan said.

She slipped near the door of the coach but GRP constable Kushwaha managed to pull her to safety, he added.

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