New Delhi, May 26: Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be launching a Rs 75 denomination coin to mark the inauguration of the new Parliament building, said a press release by the Ministry of Finance on Friday. PM Modi will be dedicating the new Parliament building to the nation on Sunday, May 28.

As per the Ministry of Finance, the obverse face of the coin will bear the Lion Capital of 'Ashoka Pillar' in the centre with the legend 'stymev jyte' inscribed below. The Ashoka Pillar will be flanked by the word 'bhaart' in Devnagri script on the left periphery and the word 'INDIA' in English on the right periphery. Sengol Moved to Delhi From Allahabad Museum for Installation at New Parliament Building, Curator Shares Key Details.

The reverse face of the coin will bear the image of the Parliament Complex. On the upper periphery, the inscription 'sNsi sNkul' shall be written in Devnagari script and on the lower periphery, the inscription 'PARLIAMENT COMPLEX' shall be written in English. Also, the Year '2023' in International numeral shall be written below the image of Parliament Complex, the Ministry added. Old Parliament Building: Know Journey of India's First 'Temple of Democracy' Since Its Inauguration in 1927 by Viceroy Lord Irwin.

The shape of the coin will be circular with a 44 mm diameter and it will weigh around 35 grams. The coin having 200 serrations will be composed of 50 per cent silver, 40 per cent copper, 5 per cent nickel and 5 per cent Zinc. Notably, the country is celebrating its 75th year of independence in the year 2023.

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