Kabul [Afghanistan], February 19 (ANI): The Afghan Ambassador to the US has stepped down from her post, citing the new restrictions imposed by the US on its embassy in Washington.

Adela Raz is the third senior Afghan diplomat who stepped down from her position within the past six months, the TOLOnews reported.

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This comes as US State Department had decided to stop the political and diplomatic activities of Afghanistan in the US.

Afghan deputy ambassador Abdul Hadi Nijrabi said the US State Department in a letter to the Afghanistan embassy in Washington demanded the diplomatic activities be halted.

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"The letter sent by the US State Department to the embassy said only the ambassador is allowed to continue work from home, but not on political and diplomatic activities. The rest of the diplomats cannot work anymore," TOLOnews quoted Nijrabi as saying.

With the Taliban taking over the country in mid-August last year, the Afghanistan diplomatic missions have been facing economic problems.

Officials at the Afghanistan embassy in Washington said that the financial system of the embassy has been suspended by a bank for over four months.

"It has been over four months that the salaries of the Afghanistan embassy's (staffs) have been suspended. All diplomats are facing problems," said Safi Delawar, who worked as an adviser for the Afghanistan embassy in Washington. (ANI)

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