Beirut, October 10: A blast at a fuel depot in the Lebanese capital killed four people and injured many others on Friday, the Lebanese Red Cross said. Earlier in the day, Lebanon's Al Jadeed TV channel reported that three people died and over 50 others got injured following the explosion in a densely-populated Tarik al-Jadida neighborhood.

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"The number of victims of the explosion at the fuel depot increased to four, there are injuries," the red cross tweeted.

The residents of the building which housed the fuel depot told Al Jadeed that the owner kept diesel fuel there. According to other sources, cans with gasoline were kept in the depot.

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At the moment, experts are investigating if explosives were stored in the area. Doctors and fire brigades are deployed to the accident site, and the rescue mission is underway. Residents of the building were evacuated. It is not yet known what caused the explosion.

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