Kathmandu, Jul 15 (PTI) India on Friday handed over consignments of flood and disaster-relief material to Nepal, reflecting New Delhi's continued support in bolstering Nepal's efforts in building a disaster-resilient nation.

Indian ambassador to Nepal Naveen Srivastava, during a Ministry of Home Affairs ceremony here, handed over the relief material, including 3,000 tents and ten motor inflatable boats, to Home Minister of Nepal Bal Krishna Khand, according to the Indian Embassy statement.

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In his remarks during the event, Srivastava expressed hope that this “timely supply of relief material is optimally utilised by concerned agencies to ensure its maximum benefit by timely distribution and efficient utilisation”.

Home Minister Khand thanked the Indian government for the timely delivery of the relief material and appreciated ongoing disaster relief-related cooperation between India and Nepal.

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India and Nepal -- neighbours with shared history and culture -- cooperate on wide-ranging issues in various fields, the statement said.

The Indian Embassy statement said the relief material aid reflected the continued support of India in bolstering the Himalayan nation's efforts in building a disaster-resilient country.

Natural disasters such as floods and landslides often hit Nepal as well as India, resulting in loss of life and property.

Both the countries have a coordination mechanism for years on minimising the damage caused by such natural calamities, the Ambassador said.

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