He is a young entrepreneur earning 6 figure income at a very young age and aiding other youngsters in accomplishing the same.

An Pei is a young lad of just 21 years who terminated his school at the age of 19, and after a short period commenced earning 6 figure income, with the help of his mentors who gave him a head start in his job. Now he is getting calls every day from various organizations offering him to work with them. He just developed the right skill set with the right amount of passion to get such handsome paying jobs. Now An Pei is helping other youngsters to get the right gig at the right time. So that these young senses don't stay sucked in the loopholes created by the schools. Right from the age of 17, An was frustrated by the school system which was forcing students to sink into the ocean of hefty debts. He was disappointed and wanted to change this system. Which inspired him to pursue digital marketing as a subject, and when he dropped out of school he was having no degree in digital marketing. After all this also, he was selected above all the graduates just because he was prescient enough to leap.

An Pei highly presumes that with a true passion and the right roadmap one barely needs any degree to hit a good career mark. He is helping hundreds of students without any degree, skill, or massive investment to inculcate job oriented skills for handsome paying jobs. Our life is not long enough to make tons of mistakes so smarter are ones who always learn from the mistakes of others. That's why An always believes in imparting his learning from his mistakes to the young students. The top five things every student should seek to fetch a decent career as per An Pei are:

1. Stay updated with the trends in the market and then accordingly learn the most in-demand skills.

2. Just don't go with the orthodoxies and myths that you need a degree that demands you to drown in heavy debts charged by schools and colleges. Just develop the right set of skills and deploy them.

3. Hold on to a mentor who has been there already playing your part. And seek guidance and help from them to kick-start your career.

4. Be wise with your career choice. Choose a field that allows you to work from anywhere, anytime, and the one which is in high demand in the market. Going with a bad career option puts you in hard times.

5. Don't sell yourself to some organization just to earn money, build your worth and bring out optimistic results to establish your presence in the industry. Which in turn helped me in making 6 figures.

An Pei is a young mind who is merging his dusk with dawns to build a new generation of youth who is capable of understanding the scams the education system is doing to steal their parent’s hard-earned fortune. He has already influenced and guided many individuals in revamping their skills. And now they are earning high salaries and are pretty much certain about their future. So any youngster who wants to put his mind and energy in the right direction without bulky investments, No one can be a better choice than An Pie.