Taking action and filling the gap during the pandemic crisis

Meet Raffaele De Florio and his partner Cassandra, a young Sydney couple who took their house deposit savings and tried their luck with starting their own commercial cleaning business. Cleaneroo. The business rose to success during the Covid-19 pandemic.

With Cassandra being a Registered Nurse and Raffaele’s beginnings in Real estate, They would be the first to say owning a cleaning business was never in their dreams. It all started back in 2016 when a trip to the mortgage broker was met with fierce disappointment.

Raffaele De Florio and his partner Cassandra had saved up a total of $80,000 which they intended to use in purchasing their first house. However, after getting their bank loan knocked back and being told to secure an extra source of income, Raffaele and Cassandra started spending many nights looking for opportunities to earn a second income. The couple struggled to search for opportunities that didn’t require a huge million dollar investment or full-time commitment.

While searching, Raffaele met with a friend at his local gym who introduced to him the idea of earning through cleaning offices. He learned that you can get regular long-term monthly contracts with local businesses as long as you keep them happy and satisfied with your services. This opportunity wasn’t free but this opened a way for the couple to build a strong business which provided them with consistent, recurring income by working a few hours extra each week. Raffaele’s friend trained them with a promise to sell his clients to them if the couple were satisfied with their new work.

After breaking out of their skepticism and hesitations, the couple then grabbed the opportunity and decided to invest half of their house deposit in buying their business contract - Cleaneroo Commercial was then established. At first, the couple did all the work by themselves up until they built a solid group of regular clientele and have earned back their initial investment. This side business then started replacing their income from their full-time jobs and demanded a full-time commitment from one of them.

Cleaneroo Commercial then became the most reliable go-to company for many commercial spaces in Sydney. By 2021, The couples Million Dollar Cleaning Start-Up has already secured over 50 cleaning contracts with medical centres, gyms, and offices. With the increasing demand for commercial cleaning services and the desire to provide opportunities to others, Raffaele and Cassandra developed a franchise system that offers aspiring new business owners and everyday Australians the chance to begin their business with an initial client base to service, thereby shortening normal business start-up time. You will also receive technical cleaning training, business mentorship, and full support to earn as much as $10,000 extra each month on their free time without compromising their full-time jobs.

If you were considering starting a franchise these days, you’re not the only one. History teaches us that economic downturns have been prolific times for franchising, as this type of business comes with the benefit of a proven system and an established brand name – hence it’s less likely to fail.