The summer countdown is well and truly underway in Great Britain and after the year we have all had to endure we are looking forward to it, more than ever before!

It’s no secret that Britain’s favourite summer pastime is barbecues and garden parties. A return to the simple pleasures of home and garden life and bringing friends and family back together safely.

2021 is predicted to be the biggest year for all-things staycation and BBQs according to the Grocer Magazine’s recent report predicting ‘a nuclear year for BBQ retail.’

This has sounded alarm bells for environmentalists worried about CO2 production and the environmental harm a surge of this magnitude could do.  As Sir David Attenborough says in A life On Our Planet “nature is our biggest ally.” We must all do our bit and become conscious consumers.

A company who understands that one small change can make a huge difference are BCB International who have spent over a hundred years creating products that save lives through innovation.

They have invented a world's first solid bio-ethanol fuel. In simple terms a fire lighter but not the ones that we are all used to our parents using growing up, these are very different. FireDragon firelighters are made from rotten vegetable mass rather than trees, they produce a clean, nontoxic burn meaning that a rubbish idea could go a long way to helping save the planet.

It’s good for the user too as FireDragon gives off very little smoke, soot, noxious fumes, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide when compared to other solid firelighters. Other solid fire lighters give off cyanide and formaldehyde along with lots of other nasty fumes including carbon black and can be smelly. Also often, other firelighters leave a residue which is poisonous to the earth, if you then tip your ashes into the ground.

We all know we have to do our bit to save the planet. This is one step we can all take. You can buy it in B&Q stores, All top outdoor pursuits and camping stores and all good quality garden centres and on Amazon.