New York, New York, February 6, 2021 - “Everybody needs a car,” states Eddie Lopez, the representative of Excel Auto Group of whom, through years of experience with cars, has earned the nickname “Eddie the car guy,” referenced in his Instagram handle @eddie_thecarguy. Lopez’s heavily car-fueled upbringing and career journeyed into the Excel Auto Group as it is today, inclusive of the best deals on cars and insurance for them. Via his biography and clear love for cars, Lopez has more than proven his statement on the demand for car services.

Lopez’ experience with cars began immediately after his graduation from high school where he began working as a local Toyota dealer. He graduated from his first job in the industry and soon became one of the youngest client advisors in the US for BMW and, from there, his career continued to incline with sales awards and a ranking in the national top 200 businesspeople. Lopez identifies a turning point for him being a specific sale of a Lexus, a gift from a son to his mother, that he managed to get a fantastic deal on. Moving forward, he branched out from BMW to other luxury car companies, planting the seeds for his brokerage company ‘Excel Insurance Brokerage.’

The company has since grown, selling cars to celebrity alumni including DJ Envy and DJ Prostyle from Power 105.1 Radio, a notable New York radio station. Lopez’s friendly nature has allowed him to maintain close friendships with both DJ Envy and DJ Prostyle as Envy purchased his first Ferrari from Lopez, leading to floods of referrals and the blossoming of the insurance aspect of Excel Auto Group. With the addition, the company now provides ‘full service’ to clients, which Lopez explains in a series of steps:

  1. Helping to choose the best car
  2. Getting deals on the purchase or lease
  3. Handling approvals and delivery of the car
  4. Insuring the car

The service sets Excel Auto Group apart from competitors as the experience under the company is easy, painless, and positive; far from many peoples’ car-purchasing experience. The Excel Auto Group  website elaborates on the one-stop-shop aspect of the service and on the auto and brokerage segments on the home page.

Lopez’s Instagram account is equally brilliant to get more insight into the company. The highlights reel on the page displays the popular car brands that have been sold to clients and posts from clients themselves, airing the great feedback on the brokerage and auto group. The engagement with each client is visible through the account, complying with another one of Lopez’s quotes: “We take pride in making our clients feel special on every purchase they meet.” The service lacks pushy salespeople and, in conjunction to the convenience of out of state shipments and 18 years of experience, can be considered an absolute godsend for people looking to buy cars.

Excel Auto Group’s return clients and celebrity alumni are an accurate indicator of the happy service the group provides for clients, whilst Eddie Lopez’s additions to the company of Instagram and a navigable website help to publish the great deals that the group can provide. The all-encompassing car service is perfect for all people looking to buy a car in the future because everybody needs a car.

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