Mahan Mehrani Aka Vorsham  is a up and coming 18 year old R&B/Hip Hop artist from Tehran, Iran Live in United Kingdom, London , The artist began pursuing his dream at just 15 years old. Check out our interview with him below.
— Interview —
Where are you from?
“Tehran , Iran ”
Where you Live Now ?
“London, United Kingdom”
When did you start music?
“I started music around age 15, I’m 18 now so roughly 3 years ago.”
How did you get into music?
“My parents got divorced and I started writing as an outlet.”
What is the most challenging thing you have overcome in your life?
“My father passing away. RIP Father  Dude.”
Are you currently signed or independent?
“Currently, I’m independent.”
Who inspires you the most musically?
“Xxxtentacion ٫Deno Driz, Juice Wrld, and 2pac”
What do you want people to take away after listening to your music?
“I want people to realize they can overcome anything in time.”
Any new music coming out soon?
“I’ve been working on a bunch of new music during this whole lockdown but no planned releases as of now. I just released a single called “Ex Girlfriend” Also With Acoustics Version
What is your greatest achievement as a musician?
“Having my single chart at #2 on Radio Javan the popular Persian Music Platform .”
Do you produce your own music? If not who do you work with?
“I do produce some of my music. Otherwise I work with Shervin Raadfar who the in same music group with ‘Yas’ and Alireza jj .”
Anything else you want the audience to know about you?
“Nothing particularly, just know I have a lot in the works.”
— End of interview —
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